One of my favourite stand-by recipes is pizza! And after making pizza crusts from scratch for nearly 6 years at the restaurant where I would do it on autopilot practically, it’s become my Friday night party trick. Don’t know what to have for a group snack? How about pizza? :)  And even though the recipe is second-nature, it’s definitely the most thumbed recipe in the collection I received from my mum 5 years ago as a graduation gift. Just for the security of seeing it written down in her handwriting. 



2 cups          warm water

1 1/2 Tbsp    yeast

2 tsp             honey (or sugar)

combine and let this mixture “proof” for about 5 minutes – the yeast will start “growing” in the sweetened water

1 tsp            salt

2 Tbsp         oil  (canola, olive, vegetable, etc)

add and combine. 

3-5 cups      flour (whole wheat/white combo in whichever ratio you prefer)

add the flour gradually until you have a soft, not-too-sticky dough. (it should lift off the sides of the bowl as you stir.

turn onto a floured surface (I use parchment paper – it’s the easiest cleanup!)

knead for 5-10 minutes. the longer you knead it the more gluten will be created and the more the yeast bubbles will be worked – creating a soft, fluffy dough. too much though and it will be rock hard. too little and it will taste “yeasty” and rise too much.

Usually this batch makes enough for two large round pizzas, 12 small ones, or a large rectangle plus a few small extras (which you can cook and freeze for later if you want!)



I like to vary the kind of pizza I make everytime. Sometimes a typical veggie and tomato sauce. Or olive oil and sundried tomatoes instead. Other times a weird stirfry with the tomatoes and toppings all cooked together first, then spooned on. That gives the pizza an extra savoury, comfort-food flair, especially since you can season everything together first. 

Some of my favourite toppings are: 




-chicken (seasoned with something fun, like wasabi ginger sauce, or honey garlic)

-fresh garlic

-italian seasoning/oregano/chili pepper flakes, etc

-(sometimes) jalapenos


-whatever else… zucchini? sunchokes? caramelized butter sauteed mushrooms? sure! 


And then cheese!!!! 

Bake at 400 for 15-20. Switch to broil for up to 10, until cheese is bubbly and brown. 

NOM! A classic made fresh and simple! 

P.S. Gold Forest Grains from Morinville, AB has a few heritage wheat flours, and according to Chief Taster G, the crust tastes like cinnamon if you use a certain ratio. I swear to all the food gods there was no cinnamon added! :P



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